"Our objective...

... is to optimize the results of our Members, while benefiting from shared actions and services, this allows us to keep our independence because our philosophy and our DNA is to boost the identity & personality of each hotel. ..we are not a brand but a whole made up of several hotels, different personalities and concepts, in short a whole of brands "

Oliver Steuermann-President of THCC


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How ?

- Close meeting (small group meeting)

- Workshop with our partners

- Conference

- Roadshow

- Direct contact (confidential meetings)

- Participate in shared mutual actions


The principle of the community is to be a disparate set of hotels, each with a different personality but which, when united, becomes stronger; while retaining its personality and independence

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How ?

- Via the actions proposed in the Toolbox

- Via the advice of experts and partners

- Via the proposed Events and meetings

- Via training and coaching sessions of our partners

- Via the discounts and negotiations undertaken by THCC

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How ?

- Cross selling

- Cross strategies

- Collective bargaining (= discounts and benefits obtained)

.... the easiest way is to contact us to find out more


Pooling is the fact of offering outsourced "à la carte" actions and services to several non-competing but complementary hotels, in partnership while retaining total control over its data and its independence ...



  • his sales

  • its financial results (RBE / GOP)

  • his ambitions, his abilities to lead and exploit

  • listening, knowledge

  • ...

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How ?

- Via outsourced and shared actions

- Via free diagnostics

- By joining joint actions

- Via group negotiations (discount on purchases, OTA commissions)


Our final objective is to allow hotel owners and decision-makers to be able to achieve an optimization of their establishment (s), and to improve their GOP (Gross Operating Profit) / Income before taxation)


Growth objectives for hotels members

"Our objective...

Pour THCC il est important de pouvoir faire bénéficier nos membres propriétaires et décideurs hôteliers d'avantages concrets. Bien évidemment il est important de spécifier que nous ne sommes pas une chaîne hôtelière ni une marque, d'ailleurs plusieurs de nos membres sont hôteliers sous marque (Accor, Kempinski, IHG, Hilton, BW, Logis, C&C etc) et profitent d'avantages complémentaires à ceux de leurs brand

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Payez moins de frais et commissions !

THCC négocie pour ses membres des tarifs compétitifs et des rabais auprès des partenaires  de l'hôtellerie dont les fournisseurs, les OTAs, les agences et autres acteurs de l'hôtellerie et du tourisme validés par notre Board


Sur-Mesure & complementarité

La personnalisation des actions entreprises par chacun des experts externes est essentiel, le SUR-MESURE est impossible dans les groupes hôteliers, et bien cela tombe bien, nous sommes une communauté pas une chaîne hôtelière! Nous  sommes complémentaires

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Ensemble tout en restant indépendant

Toutes les actions proposées par les partenaires et experts THCC permettent aux hôteliers de conserver leur image et indépendance tout en bénéficiant des avantages du nombre, et de la communauté. La mutualisation individuelle ...

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Pas de coûts cachés, on paie à la carte

L'hôtelier choisit les actions & services à la carte, il ne paie uniquement ce qu'il consomme. Offre à tiroir, paiement à la carte, une totale flexibilité proposée par THCC, on ne paie pas pour les autres contrairement à certaines marques


"Our objective...




"The COVID-19 almost put us to the ground. Our 3 hotels, 2 of which are members of voluntary groups, are located in the South of France and in Brittany. We have just reopened them (unlike the one located in the Paris area To do this and in order to prepare we had to put in place a precise action and deployment plan. We called on 3 external THCC experts specialized in Marketing, Management / operation and finance. a month of training, coaching and tailor-made support. This strengthened our internal teams and our desire to move forward independently. We joined THCC out of need, we are good at it and like at home ! "

Appreciation :
Efficiency: *****, Flexibility: *****, Listening: *****

Jean-Christophe B. -FRANCE-